Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Favourite Summer Meals '14

This summer I was lucky to have the space to grow a bountiful garden on my balcony. I took my first try at growing lettuce, kale, tomatoes, beets and lots of herbs, and they turned out quite nice! Below is a selection of my favourite meals I cooked on my dinky tabletop barbecue (except for the dessert), each containing an ingredient grown on the balcony.

Grilled tomatoes stuffed with lamb bacon and smoked quinoa, tzatziki and chocolate mint.

Cured and grilled zucchini salad with pecorino, olives, fresh basil and lemon juice.

Grilled scallops with lemon garlic infused butter, roasted cashew and lemon thyme crumble.

Warm tuna nicoise devilled eggs with tuna, kalamata olives, cherry tomato, green beans and thai basil.

Charred potatoes, radish and onion with tomato juice reduction, and basil.

Coconut ice cream "affogato" made with coffee syrup, topped with roasted cashew lemon thyme crumble.

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