Monday, January 13, 2014

Every holiday is an excuse to get together with friends over food, and for me, christmas time is the most popular for these occasions. Cooking dinner with roommates in a half-unpacked kitchen, and eating seafood over cocktails at an intimate party on new years, are moments in my life that have provided a sense of family in the city, lessons of team work, and the liberty for us all to cook new dishes for our friends. We might not always be the most organized, but in the end we always wind up satiated around the table.

Christmas dinner for the 'mates:
 Andrea and liza cooking in our new kitchen!
 Drink for the night: white wine with pomegranates.
 Picking cilantro
 Andrea making soup.
 The fruits of her labor: cream of broccoli, cauliflower and cilantro soup.
 Liza's wheat berry salad with pomegranates, feta and mint.
 Half braised chicken with coconut butter, garlic and thyme. Bought the bird from Sanagan's Meatlocker and it turned out super tender. Not sure if its because of the quality, or the fact that it was slightly braised.
 Roasted roots.
 Seared brussels with caramelized onion, kolbasa, and balsamic vinegar.

 Carrot cake stuffing. Just baked a carrot cake, reduced the amount of sugar, and treated it like regular stuffing.
 My plate of hard workings.
 Our new kitchen is very small...

Christmas brunch buffet:
 We've had many dinner parties, but we rarely do brunch.
 Mimosas are the staple of any breakfast.
 Lisa made homemade scones and blueberry goat cheese.
 I made a potato rosti stuffed with sauteed greens, goat cheese and smoked salmon.
 Jake made parfaits.
 My unattractive, yet delicious breakfast spread.

Seafood & cocktails on New Years:
 Our table of delicacies.
 Homemade rum punch!

The cocktail bar.

 Caviar with sour cream and toasts.
 Ryan @ home

  Osyters we shucked and fiona's mignonette

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